Alex Easton MLA has today welcomed the revised changes to the Gransha Road development site but says its still not enough as he has a meeting with the Planning Department at Council.


Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said


“I thank the Planning Department for the meeting for me to discuss my deep concerns at the latest plans for the site, having been to the site many times I know exactly what wildlife is living in the area and it needs more protection than the current revised plans deliver, unfortunately other politicians have not done their research as there is much more to this site than meets the eye to this site. Also we need to see more done to alleviate the traffic issues as the Gransha road cannot cope with the level of traffic already using the area in the mornings and evenings, this is a disaster waiting to happen and makes the Gransha road more dangerous for pedestrians and car users. Having had a further meeting with the planners as it is important this is got right for the wildlife to survive and also the safety of residents, the reality is the road network just can’t cope anymore and I don’t believe that much can be changed to make it any better.”