Alex Easton MLA has today expressed sheer frustration over the announcement of 100 schools across Northern Ireland having 20mph speed limits placed on roads outside schools, but North Down being left out with no schools included in the 20MPH speed limit reduction.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I really have to question what the Minister has left schools in North Down out of this scheme to introduce 20MPH speed limits. This is a great idea and North Down deserves to be include but yet it is not it is left out. Not only do we see the Ards and North Down Council area getting the least funding across the whole of Northern Ireland for road repairs and road resurfacing we now are not included in this much needed safety issue by the reduction of speed limits to 20MPH outside our schools.”

“This can only be a good thing for the safety of our children and hopefully reduce potential accident, yet we are excluded. This Infrastructure Minister is useless and has no interest in being fair with funding for the Ards and North Down Council area nor does it seem for the safety of North Downs schools and children. I have submitted a written Assembly Question to raise this issue, and also hope to have an adjournment debate sometime in the future on funding and safety issues, if selected.”