Alex Easton MLA has written to Translink to enquire about repairs to the bus shelter at Manor Street in Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I had received complaints about the Moat Street bus shelter after an accident and have written to Translink to enquire into what had happened and when it will be fixed. “I am delighted that the company who own the bus shelter are dealing with the issue, and are planning to either replace or repair the bus shelter in the near future. I hope this will all happen as soon as possible so the residents of Donaghadee can use the Manor Street bus shelter.”


Bus shelter at Manor Street, Donaghadee to be fixed if not already done so.

To: Easton, Alex
Subject: RE: Bus shelter outside the Manor House, Donaghadee. Ref: D281216-1

Hello Alex,

My understanding is that this shelter is due to be replaced/ repaired as a result of an accident with one of our buses. The shelter is owned by a private company and I suspect there will be some legal steps in terms of liability that need resolved.

I will chase up when we can expect this and update you shortly.


Service Delivery Manager
Bangor and Newtownards
Translink Ulsterbus