Alex Easton MLA is deeply shocked and angered as town rampage breaks dozens of shop windows in Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am absolutely shocked, saddened and very angry to see so many shops being left damaged across Bangor Town Centre. To see first-hand so many shop windows broken and totally smashed in Main Street is just a total disgrace. Having visited several businesses this morning at the Spectator Newspaper and the Mortgage Shop, I am at a loss as to why anyone would want to do such damage.”

“As we are coming out of a recession and works have started on the Public Realms work to improve or town centre, it is just devastating for local business owners and staff to have to come into this madness and clear up this mess. Many of the businesses that are affected will have to pay huge costs to have new windows put in, or their insurance will have to pay and their premiums will rise. It is just so unfair.”

“I have spoken top the PSNI at the scene today, and am hopeful that the CCTV coverage in the Town Centre will have vital information. I would also appeal if any member of the public has any information on what happened to come forward to the PSNI so we can catch these thugs and put them in front of the courts. Those responsible are not wanted in our town, and they are nothing more than mindless idiots who thrive on causing misery to others and they need to be caught before they do further damage to Bangor.”