Alex Easton MLA has rasied concerns following the decision to close the Bangor PSNI custody facility.
Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said,
“I am truly astonished to have received word that the PSNI have decided to close the Bangor custody facility. Words fail to describe how this decision will impact upon policing in the area. It is especially shocking as the Bangor custody facility is relatively new, and in fact I did a charity event to raise money for the charity ABAMA only several years ago.”
“The reasons for its closure included separating out different levels of prisoners but in reality this is to save money. The PSNI are claiming they need to spend £200,000 on a relatively new custody facility. I understand that any prisoners will now be taken to Musgrave PSNI station to be processed.”
“Mr Easton added, “What I find disturbing is that we will now have the one custody suite to serve the whole of North Down and Ards which will be lumped in with Belfast. We in North Down have been badly effected over the years with the closure of Donaghade Station and Holywood Police station, which is not open to the public, and Police sent from Ards to cover any incidents.”
“I will be seeking a meeting with the PSNI and the Justice Minister to discuss the issue. I would urge the PSNI to reconsider and to reverse their decision to close yet another PSNI facility from North Down.”