Alex Easton MLA has expressed alarm as he reports the damage to four play parks safety surfaces after complaints by residents.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have has to report four play parks across North Down at Donaghadee, Kingsland, Whitehill and Conlig after residents reported the soft safety surfaces being in bad condition and all wrecked. These play parks are not that old and for safety surfacing to be breaking up in this way is quite unbelievable and shocking it also poses the question does the Council not regularly check their play parks to ensure they are maintained, and in good condition and if not why not. These play parks need to be checked weekly and I can’t but wonder sense the Council have stopped locking gates at night has this contributed to the state of the safety surfaces. I urge the Council to have these play parks repaired in quick time and not having to wait as per usual for months for nothing to get done”