Alex Easton MLA has today asked the question of Ards and North Down Council when you are going to resurface the other half of the Millisle Beach car park.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Having been in Millisle on Saturday I walked through the car parking area at the Millisle Beach car park and walked from end to end, the Council has done a good job of resurfacing the first half of the car park a few years ago but when reaching the second half of the car park it was full of pot holes throughout especial at the top end of the entrance. I counted 30 different pot holes which could potentially be a tripping hazard or damage someone’s car. It’s up to the Council but if they want to face claims they will ignore the situation or they can spend the money and resurface the car park fully and make the area presentable for the residents of Millisle and visitors time for the Councillors to come up to the plate for Millisle and stop making excuses.”