Alex Easton MLA has today praised Bloomfield Community Association volunteer’s for helping to remove weeds from various footpaths at Bloomfield Estate.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I cannot praise the volunteers of the Bloomfield Community Association for working so hard to help remove the weeds at Bloomfield Walks footpaths, this was truly a very kind gesture and I cannot praise them enough for their actions. However their selfless actions raise a bigger question as to why TNI have failed to spray the weeds along the footpaths in Bloomfield Estate despite numbers calls and emails to do so, why there is a continued failure to give the residents of Bloomfield and North Down the services they should be getting by right and why the Infrastructure Minister is not tackling the inadequate funding for North Down. I would once again thank you to the volunteers of the Bloomfield Community Association and together we will keep highlighting the failure of TNI and Infrastructure Minister.”