Alex Easton MLA has praised Bangor PSNI over safety measures after an old hand grenade was found at Cultra Beach by a young boy.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Unfortunately more and more of these types of incidents of grenades and old ammunition being found or washed ashore are becoming more common, with hundreds of World War 1 and WW 2 weapons being dumped in the Beafort Dyke in the Irish Sea many years ago and the sea washed some of them up every so often, The fact that Bangor PSNI acted so quickly and ensured the safety of residents is worthy of praise, and praise for the young boy who alerted the PSNI for his quick actions. These types of incidents have occurred across North Down quite a lot over the years with recent finds at Bangor Academy and Church Road and now Cultra Beach. You never know if these old finds can be the real thing and the safety of residents must always come first, if you find anything like this it’s best to call the PSNI and make sure it’s safe.