Alex Easton MLA has organized a public petition to oppose the proposals by Ards and North Down Council to remove the play parks at Pinks green and Beechfield in Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“ I have decided to organized a public petition to oppose the proposed plans to remove two children’s play parks at Beechfield and Pinks Green in Donaghadee, this petition can be found in most shops and I would ask the residents in Donaghadee to sign it. For too long Donaghadee residents have born the brunt of cuts with their bus routes reduced, the loss of their police station and school, this has to stop and their local Councilors needs to start standing up for the people of Donaghadee“

“I believe it is vitally important that Donaghadee has these services maintained and that Ards and North Down Council start to listen to the needs of residents in Donaghadee for a change because all I hear is words and never any action. I am asking the residents of Donaghadee to get behind me and let’s put a stop to this cut to a vital service for the development of our children.”