Alex Easton MLA organises public petition in Donaghadee to oppose the Translinks proposed reduction in bus services from Donaghadee to Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“ I have decided to organised a public petition to oppose the proposed reduction is services from Donaghadee to Bangor, this can be found in most shops and I would ask the residents in Donaghadee to sign. There will be two bus services affected from Donaghadee to Bangor and Translink have failed to say what their thoughts are on the amount of reduced bus runs they are proposing. The bus runs that under threat from Donaghadee are coming from Edgewater which currently has four runs per day , and the bus run from Donaghaee to Bloomfield shopping centre which currently has three runs per day, are all proposed to be reduced.”

“I believe it is vitally important that Donaghadee has these services maintained and that Translink listen to the needs of residents in Donaghadee. While I understand that Translink has to keep within budget, it must also remember it has financial reserves of 57 million and surely some of this can be used to maintain this service until as such times that we can look at better alternatives.”