Alex Easton MLA met with the Education Minister, Liam Perry Headmaster of St Columbanus College and Pat McCarten Chair of the Board of Governors to discuss a new school builds.

Speaking to day Alex Easton MLA said:

“A meeting was arranged for Tuesday the 6th September at Stormont with the Head master of St Columbanus College Liam Perry, Chair of the Board of Governors Pat McCarten and myself and the Education Minister. At the meeting the issue of a New School was discussed and the Minister was reminded about how old the current school building was which was built in 1959, and the cost of trying to maintain and fix repairs and the current cost to even fix current problems running into £500,000.”The issue of the increase in school numbers was also raised, which was causing problems as temporary classrooms were also needed to facility the increase.”

“The Minister was sympathetic to the case set out by myself and Mr Perry and a lengthy discussion ensued as to the way forward. As the meeting concluded it was felt a lot will depend on what the CCMS list of priority new school builds will be and hopefully this list will be brought before the Minister in the near future. The meeting conclude with the Minister being left in no doubt as to the urgent need for a new school build for ST Columbanus College”