“I was delighted to attend the fund raising event at the British Legion for Fibromyalgia Awareness Bangor/Ards & North Down support group as their president, held by charity band Full Circle. Thank you and well done to everyone involved, especially Hugo McFadden and the group full circle who helped to raise over £2500 on the night. Thank you all so much!

Having so many friends and a family member who suffers from Fibromyalgia, it is fantastic that so many people have come together to help raise funds for Fibromyalgia Awareness Bangor/Ards & North Down support group. The condition causes aches all over the body, as well as profound fatigue and other symptoms include headaches, sleep deprivation and difficulty concentrating.”

“Despite the severity of symptoms, people living with the condition in NI have said their voices have gone unheard and their symptoms ignored. It is thought about one million people are living with the condition across the UK. While there is no specific figure for Northern Ireland, it is thought around one in 25 may be coping with symptoms – a majority of them undiagnosed. Many thanks to Hugo McFadden and the charity group full circle, the British Legion and for all those who attended to raise such a large amount of money for Fibromyalgia, we thank you from the bottom of our heart!”Ends: