Alex Easton MLA is delighted that the proposals for a sports hub for Donaghadee has gone to the next stage of development.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA:

“I and Donaghadee Rugby, Cricket, Hockey and Football Clubs have been working with Council for over a year now, and this is really great news for sports clubs and residents in Donaghadee as the Feasibility study for a sports Hub for Donaghadee was passed through the next stage at Council. This will allow £15,000 to be spent on detailed plans and costing for the project. This will allow for a detailed plan and costing for a sports Hub to be taken forward to a very advanced stage, which will then come back for a final decision by Council for the potential go ahead. For the Council to allow this proposal to get to this stage is very positive and everyone is very excited that we have got to this stage towards our goal of a Sports Hub for Donagahdee.”