Alex Easton MLA was invited on Friday to visit Boot in Main Street Bangor to see the work they do behind the scenes to deliver medicines to the local community.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I was invited to visit Boots Pharmacy in Main Street today, and was shown how much work goes into dispensing medicines to Nursing Homes and residential homes across North Down. I would like to thank the store manager Laura McHenry and the Pharmacist Arlene Allen for explaining how much work go into this for the local community and how hard they work to ensure that thousands of residents in North Down are given the correct medicines.”

“I also had a conversation on how Boots would like to deliver more care in the community, such being able to see patients for minor ailments more, helping to deal with unwanted and unused drugs which are costing the Health Service 18 million pounds a year. Help with enhanced transfers between care settings which would help reduce readmissions into hospitals.”

“This was an enjoyable visit and I got to meet the staff and get a better understanding of what our Pharmacies can do for us if allowed to do so. It also made me much more appreciative of what is involved and the work Boots do for our community”