Alex Easton MLA is horrified to hear and see the pictures of the pollution incident at the beach opposite the old Millisle borstal site.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA:

“I am truly horrified that this pollution incident has happened, which has seen red diesel spilling into the river system and then polluting the beach. This is a very serious incident and I have contacted the Council and Northern Ireland Environmental Agency who were quick of the mark and put a boon down to help contain the environmental damage. I would appeal for the residents of the area to keep their pets of the beach area until it is fully cleaned up.”

“ I would praise the efforts of the local population who were quick to report the incident and would appeal for the NIEA to investigate the source and pursue prosecutions if necessary. I am also worried about any long term affect to the local wildlife as I am aware that Otters are in the area and red diesel can harm animals. Thank you to everyone involved in helping tackle this dangerous situation.”