Alex Easton MLA has today expressed deep concern as levels of Graffiti across North Down and the costs to remove them increase.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA.

I could say lets increase fines and get more Anti-Social Behavior wardens but in all honesty that probably won’t really deal with the issues, which costs the Council thousands of pounds every year to try and remove, we see level of costs are increasing dramatically as this blight continues, all that is being achieved by continently wrecking our Community with graffiti is an increase to everyone rates bills, causing bad feelings within out community’s. Making our Community look bad and at the end of it all it achieves zero but everyone pays the cost as a result.”

One idea would be for the Council to offer those who are serious about Graffiti Art to have their own location that is Council owned, and were those that feel the need to paint their message through graffiti Art have the opportunity to do this in a location where they legal can do this and feel the freedom to express themselves.”

I am today calling on the Council to be radical and forward looking and find a location where people can practice their graffiti Art without the need for t to be plastered all over the area causing offense, and costing thousands of pounds and ending up instead of young people to be arrested and prosecuted, the best thing that can happen is for those responsible to just stop and ask yourself do you want this sport of material sprayed over your home and the answer will probably be no.”