Alex Easton MLA has welcomed confirmation that the Historical Institutional Abuse Bill has received Royal Assent.

Alex Easton MLA said:

“In a Parliament that has been dominated by a small number of other issues, it is fitting that during its last day action has been taken on a great injustice.

I pay tribute to all those victims for their efforts throughout the process. It has been a battle throughout, even to ensure the Bill would be debated.

I have been involved in this process over many years and I know the impact that testimony from victims had on the then First Minister. Right from the first meeting there was always a determination to secure justice for all those who suffered.

The pain of what happened to them will always be there, but what has finally been secured will hopefully be of some comfort to victims. It will also stand as testimony to the dedication and fortitude of those who campaigned so tirelessly over many years.”