Alex Easton MLA today handed in a public petition of 961 signatures to DRD Minister Danny Kennedy calling on Translink to maintain the two current bus route services from Donaghadee to Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said.

“I am delighted that the DRD Minister took the time out of his busy schedule to receive the petition signed by 961 residents from Donaghadee , which was done through the local businesses in the town. The Minister listened intently to the case given, and promised to relay the petition and concerns to Translink for consideration. “

“I believe that the two bus routes from Donaghadee to Bangor must be retained at their current level, one route has only two runs per day and the other three runs. Any reduction would isolated the elderly and make it virtually impossible for some residents to get to Bangor. I believe that money can be found through the millions of pounds that are in Translinks reserves and I am today calling on Translink to listen to the needs of the community and not their own vested interests. I would thank my colleagues Councillor Bill Keery and also Councillor Mark Brooks from the UUP for helping with the petition.”