Alex Easton MLA has found funding to save the Breezemount summer scheme.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said;

“I was very conscious of what the loss of the Breezemount summer scheme was having on the families and children in the Breezemount area after the Council withdrew the summer scheme from the area. This resulted in a great deal of upset, so with this in mind I approached the Fold Housing Association to if they could help towards filling the gap for this year until another funding streams could be found. I was delighted to day that not only did Fold Housing agree to pay for one week of the three week summer schemes they also put me in contact with the two contractors who are building the new homes in the Rathgill area who have also agreed to fund the other two weeks. I am delighted to say that the three between them have donated £1100 and the summer scheme in Breezemount can now go ahead. I would thanks Fold Housing, Kelly BrothersKelly brothers and Hugh J O’Boyle contactors for their kind and generous donation to the community of Breezemount.