Alex Easton MLA has today expressed deep frustration at the denial of TNI, Council over ownership and responsibility of a public path between Cranley Park and Cranley Drive.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is the latest path that there has been denial of ownership, between Cranley Park and Cranley Drive, Bangor. All statutory Agencies are denying ownership yet the path used to be maintained. This pathway which is widely used by residents is in need of repair yet all statutory agencies are saying they don’t own it and despite emailing has still not been resolved. Meanwhile I am receiving complaints from residents who are complaining that the path is in a dangerous condition, overgrown and covered in weeds. This path is in need of repair and it is so extremely frustrating for me that I can’t resolve the issue because of the lack of responsibility as to the ownership of the path. I am determined get to the bottom of the issue, however I think that there is a responsibility for all statutory agency’s to come together on all footpaths and rights of way to agree who owns what and make the life of us all easier by agreeing who is responsible for repairing footpaths for the future and not just at Cranley but also across North Down.”