Alex Easton MLA has expressed deep concern at the development of a pathway on the Commons, Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is with deep concern that many residents from Donaghadee have approached me with concerns at what appear to be the building of two pathways on what is an area of Scientific Interest according to the DOE web site at the Commons Donaghadee. This area is widely used by the public, and I believe that it is a right of way although it appears there may an issue as to who owns this part of the Commons with Ards Council saying they can’t find the land being registered to anyone. A pathway is clearly identified on the Ordinate Survey maps for the area.”

“There are two issues, the first is the public right of way and the second the damage that has been done to the vegetation in what I believe is an area of Scientific Interest. I have written to Ards Council the Planning Department who will investigate if there is any attempts to put down a path using slabs, or concrete and are fully aware of the situation, Crown Estates who own the land up to the High Water Mark, and finally the Northern Ireland Environment Agency who are looking at two possible breaches with the removal of the Vegetation and earth being moved called the Maritime cliff. I believe that this pathway is used by so many people and should be allowed to continue. This has caused a lot of hurt and concern amongst the local community and needs to be resolved urgently.”