Alex Easton MLA has expressed deep concern, but not surprised at the level of dumping and fly tipping that is occurring across North Down as latest levels are released to him from a NI Assembly written question showing 64 cases having been reported this year alone.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been left flabbergasted at the amount of dumping and fly tipping that has occurred across North Down. This dumping is deeply unwelcomed by the vast majority of the local community and is an act of unwanted dumping which is polluting the local community, and are acts of environmental vandalism, especially as many of the areas that this is occurring is in the rural community of North Down.”

“However I firmly believe that the level of fly tipping/dumping is being exacerbated by council restrictive policies, when using the current recycling centers and will only get worse with the trial of 4000 homes for their grey bins is introduced which will see their Grey bins being only emptied once a month, which is not supported by the majority of residents”

“Fly tipping/dumping means that the Council will have to investigate those have who dumped the rubbish so they will be prosecuted, and it also means that tax payer’s money will have to be used to remove the rubbish and is a vicious circle. This is totally unacceptable to the residents of North Down, but Councils policy’s are making the situation worse.