Alex Easton MLA has today expressed alarm as Ards and North Down Councils decision to stop small businesses using the Recycle Centres.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am deeply alarmed at the decision by Council to stop small businesses from using the Recycle Centres, while I understand this is a decision to save money what I find disturbing is that the Council have not consulted with the small business owners on this issue, they have not looked at alternatives that may be a solution, and they have not given an explanation as to what will happen to those small businesses who have paid to use the facility for a year in advance.”

“I thought that this council wanted to recycle and encourage people to do so, yet here we have a decision that will affect small businesses, without consultation and alternatives. I am today calling on the Council to suspend their decision for a consultation process to take place, and for alternatives to be looked at.”