Alex Easton MLA has today demanded that TNI to take action to create safety measures for the Cannyreagh Road after a gentleman was knocked down.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“TNI cannot keep ignoring the facts that the Cannyreagh Road is not a safe place for the children of Donaghadee Primary School and the residents of the area, especially during the times the schools are opening and closing. This is the second incident that someone has been knocked down due to the level of traffic and lack of measures to either slow the traffic down and to provide a safety crossing environment for the children and their family’s collecting their children.”

“As someone who has a grandchild attending Donaghadee primary School I have witnessed the chaos that parents have to endure with eh narrow road at Northfield road and then having to endure the huge amounts of traffic that is congregating on the Cannyreagh road. I fear for the safety of my grandchild and every other child in the school and this accident has only highlighted this, I wish for a speedy recovery for the gentleman that has been knocked down and am calling on TNI to come to a meeting with myself, parents, other elected representatives the schools and hear first-hand about the concerns we all have and take action before someone is killed.”


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