Alex Easton MLA was delighted to hear from the Housing Executive that HE properties in Loughview & Redburn in Holywood and Whitehill in Bangor are to get external insulation fitted to their walls and Loft Insulation installed.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

This is fantastic news for Housing Executive residents living in Loughview & Redburn , Holywood and Whitehill in Bangor who will be delighted to know that the Housing Executive is to install external insulation to their walls and loft Insulation. For many years these properties have had no cavity wall insulation and loft insulation and it is only right that the land lords namely the Housing Executive take measures to fix this and to install new insulation wall and loft insulation that will keep and maintain the heat in these property’s. Not only will this ensure the property’s will help to retain their heat it also means lower heating bills for the residents of Loughview & Redburn, Holywood and Whitehill in Bangor.”