Alex Easton MLA is delighted that Ravara Training and Resource Centre, Bangor merits replacement.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am delighted that the Minister for Health recognizes that the Ravara Training and Resource Centre in Kilcooley merits being replaced after an answer to a NI Assembly question. We can see that the project has now progressed to a business case being prepared, and is being discussed with the SE Trust. Unfortunately due to money constraints we do not know when this project will start, which is disturbing. I find it worrying that this is not a major priority project as I believe the facilities are just not good enough to deliver the services that are needed. I will continue to push the Health Minister and the SE Trust to try and ensure that this project is a priority and that we don’t have to wait years for it to be built.”



From: [] Sent: 04 October 2016 11:10 To: Easton, Alex <> Subject: Written Answer AQW 3372/16-21 – Future of Ravara Training and Resource Centre, Bangor


To ask the Minister of Health for an update on the future of the Ravara Training and Resource Centre, Bangor. The Ravara redevelopment is part of a wider project to replace day care facilities in the South Eastern Trust. A business case is being prepared and has been discussed with the Trust. This is a project that certainly has merit given the existing facilities but is subject to budget constraints. The Department’s Capital Budget is heavily committed and ultimately the timing of this project will be determined by business case approval and budget availability.