Alex Easton MLA along with his colleagues Councillor Robert Adair and Janice MacArthur has reacted with delight at the whole of Ashfield Drive in Donaghadee is finally resurfaced after years of campaigning.


Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is fantastic news for the residents of, Donaghadee who have had to endure a substandard road for years with patches and pot holes which have made the area look very poor. The residents of Donaghadee and beyond have lobbied for many years to try and have this major road resurfaced. I am delighted that constant lobbying with my colleague Janice MacArthur and Councillor Robert Adair for the residents has finally paid off. I especially pleased that the entire road is being resurfaced from the Killaughey Road Junction up to Edgewater, this is the best news for the residents of Donaghadee and road users who for too long put up with such poor road conditions!