Alex Easton MLA has joined forces with his colleague’s councillor Bill Keery and Councillor Peter Martin calling for pedestrian safety measures for the Ballycrochan Road, Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said.

“I have been contacted by several residents living in the Deanfield area who are deeply concerned for the safety of children and residents living in and around the Ballycrochan Road who need to cross the road due to the speed of cars. In deed living in the area it is clear to see that some sort of pedestrian crossing or island are needed at some point to provide safety for residents and children who attend either the Kilmaine or Ballymagee Primary School, or the children’s nursery located on the Ballycrocahn Road as well as the Ballycrocahn Scout Hall”

“It is with this in mind that I had contacted TNI who have confirmed that they intend to do a survey of the Ballycrochan Road in September when the schools are back to get a better idea of what the situation is. I welcome the commitment to that and will looking to see what response TNI will take to provide pedestrian safety for residents living in the Ballycrohan road area.”