Alex Easton MLA has today condemned those who were responsible for breaking into the Easons Store in Bangor last Thursday.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am alarmed that in broad daylight youth were able to get into the Eason store on Main Street and proceeded to vandalize the building. This was witnessed by numerous members of the public and the PSNI were phoned on 999 on at least four occasions, and yet despite waiting for at least two hours there was no response to the incident. It is important that there is a PSNI presence on Main Street, and that an opportunity was lost to apprehend these individuals. Those involved in breaking into the Easons store will be caught and will be held to account for their actions there are numerous witnesses to the situation and CCTV coverage on Main Street.”

“I am deeply concerned at the length of time it took for any response to the situation from the PSNI, and I will be raising this with the local commander. This behaviour is not acceptable in our society and if those individuals who wish to ruin their lives even before they have properly started are foolish, then I urge them to think carefully about their actions and the consequences for those actions.”