Alex Easton MLA has reacted angrily to a paint attack on the Groomsport War Memorial this afternoon.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am deeply angered and appalled at this incident which has seen purple paint thrown at the Groomsport War Memorial. I understand that a man got out of a car around four pm and drove off; I believe that his number plate was given to the PSNI. I intend to contact the Council to get the Groomsport War Memorial cleaned as soon as possible. I cannot understand the mind set of someone who could desecrate a War Memorial which commemorates the great sacrifice made by both sides of the community in the First and Second World War. For someone to do this is just plain badness and evil and I hope they are caught and brought before the courts, this is not just an attack on a War Memorial it is an attack on the entire community. I would urge anyone with any further Information to come forward to the PSNI.”