Alex Easton MLA has expressed concern at the levels of Anti-Social Behaviour recorded by the Housing Executive.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Anti-Social Behaviour is the scourge of our society, and it is really worrying when we see the figures recorded by the Housing Executive just for the Bangor Office which includes Holywood and Newtownards Office which includes Donaghadee and the Millisle areas. This is just the tip of the ice berg because when you look at the total figures this does not include the levels of Anti-Social behaviour recorded with the council’s Anti-Social behaviour team and also the PSNI. The figures for North Down will be considerably higher than recorded just by the Housing Executive. “

“Tackling Anti-Social behaviour needs to be a priority by all there Agency’s the PSNI need to be much more robust in their efforts and stronger deterrents and a zero tolerance attitude needs to be in place. The Housing Executive also need to be firm on those who make their tenants lives a misery with sanctions in place and not allow situations to escalate and go on for ever before it is totally out of hand. I also believe that the Council need to increase resources and expand their Anti-Social behaviour team as the Council is much bigger that it used to be, and more effort and resources are needed to ensure we tackle an issue which so often ruins people’s lives.”