North Down MLA Alex Easton has pledged to drill down into the 3,086 vacancies in the civil service as he expressed significant concern as to the impact on service provision with so many posts vacant.

Speaking following the answer received to his assembly question the North Down MLA stated;

“I am gravely concerned that there are 3,086 vacancies currently and serve notice that I will be following this up to identify the average timeframe for vacant posts to be filled.

I am all for efficiency in public service provision but if and when an identified necessary post becomes vacant then this has an impact on the existing staff to fulfil the service or for a reduction in service provision. Neither of these options are sustainable in the medium to long term.

Filling posts efficiently and in a timely manner serves a dual benefit of ensuring quality service provision and also benefits the economy.

There is an urgency in this matter and I will continue to seek an adequate response through both the Department and NICSHR.”