Alex Easton MLA has today stated there is now only one option left for TNI to save the Craigantlet Bridge on the Ballysallagh Road, from being destroyed.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have never known a bridge that has been hit so many times and is still left standing. Once again the bridge has been damaged and if we are going to save the bridge for the future there are really now one option open. Firstly TNI need to listen to the Ards and North Down Road Safety officer Terry Malcolm. The only option is to build a new road around the bridge so that the bridge will be kept intact and safe for future generations. It’s time for TNI to stop messing about, the bridge is severely damaged their efforts with signage has unfortunately failed and it we just can’t keep having these incidents any longer. If we want to preserve and save our historical bridge then it’s time to take action and think outside the box, time for a road round the bridge.”