Alex Easton MLA has today claimed the Department of Infrastructure have failed the residents of the Cotton, after a series road traffic accident which has seen three vehicles involved in a horrific accident and the sad death of a gentleman.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA:

“This is a very sad day to hear of this incident on Friday afternoon, that has seen people seriously injured and the air ambulance having to be used, sadly in man has since passed away and my deepest condolences go out to the family. I wish them all a speedy recovery and they will be in my thought and prayers. I am extremely annoyed at Department of Infrastructure who has planned to do work to improve safety in the 2016/17 period and cancelled it.” Also the failure to reduce the speed limit down to 30MPH is also a major contributing factor despite a petition from all the families living at the Cotton pleading for the Department to do something, the fault is down to the Department of Infrastructure for failing to listen.

“The failure to do this work has failed the residents of the Cotton and the Department of Infrastructure have a lot to answer for, not only is there a failure on this safety issue there also needs to be a reduction of speed on the A48 Donaghadee to Newtownards Road at the Cotton a speed reduction needs implemented down to 40MPH. Residents have been complaining about the speed of cars, especially for residents trying to exit out from Bailie Terrace and Avonmore Court onto the A48 Donaghadee to Newtownards Road.”

“The Cotton has double in size over the years and is now a major rural community, and road safety now needs addressed as a matter of urgency. Two issues need addressed the safety of pedestrian/residents accessing the bus stop and residents exiting onto the A48. I will be writing to the new Infrastructure Minister and intend to pursue this until something is done.”