Alex Easton MLA has welcomed the statement from Business Secretary Greg Clark to the House of Commons on the Boeing/Bombardier trade dispute. It is vitally important that the Westminster Government to ensure a resolution of the dispute between Boeing and bombardier is resolved quickly to protect the workforce and the many that live in the North Down area.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Many workers in Bombardier live in the North Down area and it is important that those workers get representation from politicians from North Down as there is very little coming from any other political parties in the North Down area! I was impressed to see such a range of Ministers including the Northern Ireland Secretary and Foreign Secretary all present in Westminster that demonstrates the level of political support given to a trade dispute impacting upon Northern Ireland at Westminster.”

“It was important to see that the Westminster government has also registered its disappointment not just with the tariffs imposed, but it is also vital that our Government now does step up efforts, alongside the Canadian administration as we move towards the next stage in this process in February. Similarly it is important that the workers both living in North Down and the rest of Northern Ireland, know that their politicians are fighting on their behalf and that there are meaningful and genuine consequences in store should there not be an adequate resolution to this case for Bombardier.”