Alex Easton MLA has called for the DRD Minister to take measures to stop car parking charges in Bangor and Holywood during the public realms working to help local businesses.

Speaking to day Alex Easton MLA said:

“As a supporter of the public realms work due to start in 2014, it is vitally important that while the work is being done which will cause disruption in the short term, that we look after our businesses in the towns during the work period. To help out local businesses while the public realms work is being done I would call for the DRD Minister to allow free carping charges for the period of the work to be done to protect and help our local businesses as it will help them attract shoppers to Bangor and Holywood during the time that the work takes place.”

“It is vital that the public realms work is carried out to improve both Bangor and Hollywood, but in the short term we know this will cause difficulty for our businesses due to disruption. In order to mitigate this we need to keep the residents and our businesses informed at all times of the time scales, but to protect our businesses during the period of work I firmly believe that car parking charges should be stopped for both Bangor and Holywood until the work is done, I will be writing to the DRD Minster and submitting an Adjournment Debate to the NI Assembly on the issue.”