Alex Easton MLA has today called for a rail halt to be built specifically at the George Best City Airport.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

”I am today calling on the Minister for Infrastructure and NI Railways to seriously look at the creation of a Train Station and halt at the George Best City Airport. In an age were commuters, passengers traveling to airports and business it is criminal that out second busiest local airport does not have the Infrastructure in place with a rail link right to the front of the George Best City Airport.”

“We have a situation of having a train halt hundreds of yards past the airport and the reliance on buses being put in place to ferry passengers to and from the Train halt to the airport. This does not make quick and easy access and does not make economic sense for the long term for such a busy airport not to have the facility for convenience for passengers needing to have quick access to public transport and in particular train transport and it also seriously undermines attempts to attract foreign investment into Northern Ireland for business who want to have quick easy access from the airport.”

“I believe firmly that passenger numbers would also increase using the George Best City Airport if there was a train station halt at the George Best City Airport and it would also see an increase in passenger usage from people living in North Down and Bangor who would have that quickly and access straight to the airport, which is what is needed and wanted. I intend to submit a Motion to the NI Assembly for the future on the issue.”