(Image: Kelvin Boyes/Press Eye)

Alex Easton MLA underlined his call for Unionists of all shades to unite in a renewed focus on the Union.

Following up on his call for Unionist Unity after successfully topping the poll for Unionism in North Down the independent Unionist MLA stated;

“I underline again the need for Unionist Unity. In following up on this pledge I have written to the leaders of Unionism to action on the requirement for unionist unity. The Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has so many unique selling points not least of which is our invaluable NHS. However, make no mistake it is facing an assault and complacency like division is not an option as Northern Ireland goes forward into its second century. There is strength in unity we can enhance and promote the Union more effectively in a collected manner.

Going forward there is no question that our membership of this Union is in the best interests of all our people and provides for the best possible future for our children and grandchildren. In a bank holiday/weekend where we have seen the people of the United Kingdom coming together to pay tribute to the historic reign of Her Majesty, The Queen, let us progress together to make the next century for Northern Ireland within the Union the continued success it can be. Let’s have a Unionist Convention and sort Unionism’s differences out.”


(Image: Kelvin Boyes/Press Eye)

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