Alex Easton MLA has today called for a Health Action Plan by the Public Health Agency and Health Department for working class communities.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“ I am today calling for a Health Action Plan for working class community’s right across North Down , in partnership with local community organisations, SE Trust, Public Health Agency and the Health Department, it is important that we identify the areas that need help to improve the health of residents in working class community’s.”

“The main areas that we need to try and make a difference to people lives are Mental Health, Alcohol and substance abuse, Heart disease, Lack of Health provision, high blood pressure, aging problems, cancer, teenage pregnancy, diabetes and Suicide. These key areas have now been identified as the top ten health priorities to try and improve the health of residents.”

“The next stage after identifying the key issues is for the implementation of an Action Plan, which will hopefully see people developing skills and attitudes to make healthier choices, promote mental health and emotional wellbeing, and better access to health services. I would hope that with any Health Action Plan for our community will see over the coming years a healthier and happier population and I would be hopefully that we can reduce illness and improve people’s lives right across our community’s!”