Alex Easton MLA has been left shocked by the state of the walkways along Ballyholme Esplanade, to Ballyholme Beach.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I believe after several walks along the pathways along Ballyholme Esplanade, that it is now time for Ards and North Down Council to look at a long term plan to rejuvenate the area. When the sun shines this is a popular area for residents and visitors who want to come to the area. However I feel the potential of the area is not being realized by the Council as the area is just rundown, and tired looking.2

“I ask myself the question when did the Council last invest in upgrading and making the pathways more attractive for residents and visitors, what is their plans for the future that would make this into the most attractive place to visit. When you look at the crumbling infrastructure, the patches on the footpath, the lack of maintenance, you really do have to wonder is there someone looking ahead for the future.”

“When you look at the likes of Santa Monica there are waking pathways and separate cycleways, with seating, play parks, outside gyms, bins, coffee shops, and new and modern infrastructure which attracts people to come to the area. There is no reason why the Council can’t look to the future and be creative with what is really one of the jewels in the crown of North Down. I believe Ballyholme Esplanade, and Ballyholme Beach are not being used or maintained in the way I believe it has the potential to be. I am today calling on the Council to bring back a report to Councilors to look at restructuring and revamping of the entire walkway from the Seacliff Road to Banks lane, and give us something to be proud off.”