Alex Easton MLA has today called on Council, Department of Community’s, Department of Infrastructure and DEARA to all come together to commit to a public realms scheme for Millisle.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is clear that Millisle village is expanding with 2,318 people living in the village as of the 2011 Census, this is a popular place to live with a friendly and welcoming population, which is why thousands of caravan’s owners come to Millisle each year for the beautiful beaches and village lifestyle. Millisle has huge tourism potential with the likes of the Ballycopeland windmill, Millisle Lagoon and Beech Park, the old NI Prison Service College and borstal site, The First and Last Pub which is situated in Millisle was apparently visited in 1690 by William III. Plus many more beautiful attractions nearby.”

“But despite this, and I have said this before Millisle in some ways is a forgotten village and it is now time for the local residents to be remembered and for the Millisle infrastructure to be put right. The Main Street of Millisle is in need of a complete refurbishment with new fancy pavements and lighting similar but different to Donaghadee. The Lagoon and Beech Park needs a good revamp and the councils car parks along the beach need completely resurfaced”

“The Local community group has done huge work to try and improve the area with constant lobbying and I think that local councilors need to get behind the local community and use their powers to lobby to help us collectively get Millisle back on the map. I have already submitted a NI Assembly question, and there seems to be an opportunity to see different Government Departments coming together to work collaboratively to support schemes in smaller settlements. I believe the Council need to be a part of this, and need to also come on board to bring something to fruistion” I don’t plan to let this drop and will be doing all I can to improve the Village of Millisle for the betterment of all!”



My Department has no current plans for a public realm scheme in the village of Millisle. As a rural settlement it sits outside the Department’s urban regeneration remit.

I have, however, written to my Executive colleagues, DAERA Minister Gordon Lyons MLA and DFI Minister Nichola Mallon MLA, with regard to how our Departments can work collaboratively to support schemes in smaller settlements.