Alex Easton MLA is truly astonished at the level of drink driving convictions across Northern Ireland.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

North Down DUP MLA Alex Easton has commented on the number of convictions which have been handed out for drink or drugs driving offences between 2013-2015. The figures were release to him following a question tabled to the Minister of Justice. Mr Easton said, “In a three year period a total of 6,679 convictions have been handed out to those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. That is a truly astonishing number of people who are putting themselves and other road users at risk. To have a loved one killed or injured by someone who views it acceptable to drive in this state has a real devastating impact. A zero tolerance approach is needed when it comes to dealing with irresponsible drivers who drink and drive or use drugs and get behind the wheel of a car. Convictions for drink or drugs driving offences were down to 2,143 in 2015, compared to 2,321 in 2013. I hope this is as a result of more awareness around the impacts and potential dangers.” He concluded, “As we enter into the heart of the Christmas party season, we should be reminded that to take drugs and get behind the wheel or drink and drive is wrong and will not be tolerated. It could cost lives and those who use alcohol or drugs and are caught will find themselves before the courts. I commend the PSNI for their approach, who have once again used their winter campaign to combat this problem and I would urge the public to take heed of the warnings.”


Alex Easton MLA

From: [] Sent: 07 December 2016 14:34 To: Easton, Alex Subject: Written Answer AQW 8063/16-21 – Drink Driving Convictions To ask the Minister of Justice to detail how many people have been convicted for drink driving since 2013.

Offences related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be

prosecuted under the Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1995. Driving

under the influence offence descriptions do not always distinguish between the

involvement of alcohol or drugs and, to establish the nature of the substance

concerned would require a manual trawl of court records, an exercise that would

incur a disproportionate cost. Information in relation to convictions for drink or

drugs driving offences up to the end of 2015, the most recent year available, has

therefore been provided.

Convictions for drink or drugs driving offences, 2013 – 2015

Year Convictions

2013 2,321

2014 2,215

2015 2,143


  1. Figures relate to convictions which included at least one count of the

offences specified.

  1. The figures provided relate to convictions for all classifications of the

offences specified.

  1. Figures relate to initial disposals at court: disposals as a result of appeals

are not included.