Alex Easton MLA has applauded people power after confirmation from the DRD Minister in an email to him, to confirm both bus routes from Donaghadee to Bangor are to be kept although at a reduced level.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

I am very pleased to get confirmation in an email from the DRD Minister that TNI are to keep the two Donaghadee to Bangor Bus routes open although with at a reduced level. I am pleased that the petition of 933 residents from Donaghadee has had an effect on both the DRD Minister and TNI and that they have taken note of the deep concern and anger from residents and have acted to keep both routes going. I hope we never have to hear of another threat to the Bangor to Donaghadee bus routes again or there will be an even bigger outcry from the residents of Donaghdee. I would finally like to say thank you to all those who signed the petition and it shows that people power can make a difference.”