Alex Easton MLA has expressed anger and disgust as graffiti is sprayed on a wall at Bloomfield walk beside Bloomfield Primary School, Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am horrified to see a wall being vandalised with graffiti being sprayed on it right beside Bloomfield Primary School. What is particularly annoying is that those responsible have done this beside a local primary school and that is just not acceptable that young children and their families have to see this sort of childish nonsense being sprayed on a wall beside their school. What sort of example are these idiots setting our children. This will have to be cleaned up and the rate payers will have to foot the bill which is totally unfair.”

” I would call on anyone with any information to come forward to the PSNI so those involved with spraying this graffiti can be brought before the courts and in my opinion be forced to clean up the mess they created.”