Independent MLA Alex Easton and Independent Alderman Bill Keery have both condemned the damage and vandalism to a wall at the Groomsport War memorial.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said

“Any vandalism at the site of any War memorial is totally wrong it is just totally unacceptable, especial as many of our War Memorials are being used as gathering points to remember and mourn the loss of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s passing. These sites are constant reminders of the sacrifice made by so many for us, and it is just so utterly wrong that anyone can cause damage to the site. I am calling on Council to fix the wall as soon as possible and if anyone has any information to pass it to the PSNI about this damage.

Also speaking today Alderman Bill Keery said:

This is just shocking behaviour for anyone to deliberately damage this wall at the Groomsport War memorial is just unacceptable and the people of Groomsport are rightly annoyed by this. I will be contacting the Council to get this repaired and also call for anyone with information to pass this to the Council.”