Alex Easton MLA attended a public meeting with residents of Ballyree Drive, Bloomfield Estate to hear the proposals by the Housing Executive and Oakley Housing Association.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“After hearing the current proposals by the Housing Executive I have concluded that the only way to get the pensioners bungalows repaired and to be modernised so that they are fit to be lived in, is for residents to transfer over to Oakley Housing Association. The Housing Executive made it clear they do not have the money to do all the work required and that any future works could be over a two year period and would not cover everything the residents need to bring their homes up to standard.”

“The Housing Executive and Oakley Housing Association have promised if residents agree to transfer over by a majority ballot they will allow all residents to move back to their homes after the works have been carried out. The work to the bungalows will involve six stages and will see all doors, windows, heating, electrics and extensions to be done to bring the properties up to standard. I believe that this is probably the best way forward and would urge residents to think carefully about their future!”