Alex Easton MLA has declared William Street, Donaghadee of being a disaster zone as work done by Virgin creates a devastating mess for residents.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Virgin has a lot to answer for after the work they have done in William Street, which has just left a trail of devastation along the footpaths. William Street was bad enough before this mess, and I had managed to get it onto the reserve resurfacing scheme, but who knows when that will happen. The area really looks like a disaster zone and the residents deserve better treatment, and Transport NI should really not be allowing this mess by Virgin to happen and continue. I feel that Companies should be held to account and those digging up our streets should be made to resurface the whole footpaths or roads they dig up if they were found to have left the place in a mess like this. The Infrastructure Department are also to blame as her Department are allowing this mess to continue, and are doing nothing about it. I have submitted a written question to the Infrastructure Minister to ask her to come down and see for herself what they have done in William Street, as the minister has turned be down twice already to come to North Down it will be interesting to see if she turns down the invite once again.”