Alex Easton MLA has today accused TNI street light division of not checking their street lights in Holywood as 45 get reported for not working.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is becoming quite apparent that TNI Street light division are not checking to see what street lights are not working in Holywood, I am frustrated that I have had to walk the streets of Holywood on a Saturday evening to personally collect the street lamp numbers for the street lights that are not working because TNI wont. I have reported so many lights that are not working that I can’t get them reported quick enough, the latest number for reporting is 45. The response time is really not quick enough and I continually have to keep rechecking if the lights are attended to. I really should not be having to walk round to report lights out and TNI street light division should be send out someone to identify were the lights are out instead of waiting for so many to go out which clogs up their system with repairs, it time to get on top of the situation get someone out to look for street lights that are out in Holywood and deal with them.”


Below the street lights collected for reporting at weekend

Bgr Rd, Holywood B198—1,8,16

Stewarts Place 2,27

Saleen Park 6

Strand Avenue 9

Church Road 11

Church Road 11

Church View 3,6

Church Green 3,5,6,9,11

Hillvie Place 8

Pattons Lane 1,2

Downshire Road 9

Demesne Road 7,8.1

Church View 10,15

My Ladys Mile 3

Palace Grove 2

Loughview Ave 3,7

Larch Close 2

Ardnagreena Grds 2

Jacksons Road 11,13

Oakley Avenue 5

Abbey Ring 11,24,31

Abbots Wood 5

Strathearn Court 9

The Esplanade 11,12

Croft Road 4,5,12,15

Ardmore Heights 11