Alex Easton MLA has accused the SE Trust of being unfair to some staff over work car parking spaces at Newtownards Hospital.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“ We have situation were the SE Trust are charging staff to park at the Newtownards Hospital site yet only some staff are allowed car parking passes and some are not. I am disappointed that the vast majority of staff from the GP Ward have not all been given car parking passes despite the fact in my eyes that many of these staff are essential staff. I am also concerned that these staff are often having to park out on the street and sometimes streets away from the Hospital because they don’t have a car parking permit and would have to pay the ordinary car parking charges which are fairly high if you are having to park there every day for eight hours or more! I feel the SE trust are being unfair to the staff of the GP Ward as there are carping spaces free at the old tennis courts with parking spaces as there are being left empty. I would urge the SE Trust to relook at their current allocation of car parking permits and ensure fairness to the staff at the GP ward at Ards Hospital.”